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NUIA® Dev Center

We are excited to open the NUIA® Dev Center to the public soon. Heart of this developer portal is the NUIA SDK, a hardware agnostic infrastructure for connecting all kinds of input modalities like eye tracking, speech and gestures to standard operating system interactions. It allows the creation of multi-sensor optimized applications and the enhancement of legacy applications without the need of in-depth sensor knowledge.

Based on the NUIA technology applications, such as Photoshop, Thunderbird or Chrome as well as games, such as Counterstrike, League of Legends or Minecraft can quickly be enhanced with new input modalities.

Preview of the NUIA SDK features

  • Main focus set on application development with eye tracking, gesture recognition and speech recognition
  • Support for numerous sensor vendors with a generic command interface for each input modality (e.g. swipe left command in application is triggered by all supported gesture cameras)
  • Commands from different sensors work together seamlessly (e.g. point at object with finger or eyes and interact with it via speech command)
  • The NUIA tools provide IDE wizards, debug tools and the Extension Creator, a GUI tool to create extensions for legacy applications, without the need of any source code modification.
  • The NUIA UX provides a powerful set of libraries, APIs and bindings to several programming languages and frameworks (including C, C#, C++, Java).
  • The NUIA Core provides a message passing infrastructure for its plugins and a control UI.
  • The NUIA Core Plugins contain the main functionalities and communicate over well-defined messages (with a maximum of abstraction in mind), connect to various SDKs and low level APIs for retrieving input data, generate legacy events (e.g. keyboard shortcuts, mouse cursor control) and can also implement more complex algorithms and macros.
  • The IPC Framework assures communication between the NUIA components and NUIA enhanced applications.
  • The NUIA Context Engine provides the information about all states of the underlying operating system (e.g. currently focused app, user logged in, screen resolution).
  • The NUIA Creator allows rapid prototyping of use cases using all existing sensors in combination
  • The NUIA Documentation provides a comprehensive set of tutorials, examples and support tools.

If you share our passion about creating cutting edge software we will provide you with this great piece of software soon. If you are interested in news about the launch of the NUIA Dev Center and NUIA enabled applications and games, please follow us on FacebookGoogle Plus or Twitter.

By the way, we are looking for the best and most talented software engineers to support our expansion! So if you want to shape the future of computing with us, please check out our open positions in Munich.