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Smart Workplaces powered by Eye Control

4tiitoo sets standards in future workplace culture with its smart, AI-based solutions for simple and intuitive eye control for all common computer applications. For higher working efficiency and improved ergonomics in the digital “New Normal”.

NUIA Productivity+

Every day, thousands of mouse clicks not only waste valuable time but also contribute to health problems like RSI, resulting in a significant loss of productivity.

By harnessing the power of eye control and A.I., our innovative software solution NUIA revolutionizes daily computer interaction. This not only results in a remarkable increase in efficiency, averaging between 5 to 10%, but also brings about a sustainable improvement in ergonomics and user comfort.

As NUIA is easy to implement and use, it creates noticeable added value after just a few days and is a digitization solution that inspires employees - especially in contact/support centers and shared services.



Higher Efficiency

Reduced mouse usage and less switching between keyboard and mouse leads to more consistent workflows, reducing average process times


Higher Satisfaction

Eye control eliminates the cause of RSI ("mouse arm") and other musculoskeletal diseases, resulting in improved well-being and less sick days


Higher Attractiveness

An innovative workplace that supports well-being strengthens the image as an attractive place to work, resulting in lower attrition rates and higher competitiveness in the search for talent

Use Cases

Higher Productivity and Higher Employee Satisfaction  in Support Centers, Call Centers, Customer Care Centers

Customer Care

Switching between input field, tabs and windows thousands of times a day takes a lot of time and disturbs your flow

Higher Productivity and Higher Employee Satisfaction  in Shared Services (SSC) / Global Business Services (GBS)

Shared Services

Up to 2.000 keyboard-mouse-keyboard changes daily are not only annoying but also take you out of the flow

Higher Productivity and Higher Employee Satisfaction in Design and Engineering Departments


Up to 6km of mouse movement and thousands of mouse clicks daily cost a lot of time and have negative health effects

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NUIA Full Focus

Eye contact is the key to positive and successful meetings - in personal encounters as well as in video conferences. Especially in remote meetings, it is important to look our conversation partners in the eye in order to establish trust, to convey content better and more convincingly - and simply to come across as more likeable even in home office.

As if by magic, NUIA Full Focus now ensures eye contact in all common video conferencing systems, such as Teams, Zoom, Webex & Co.



Building Trust

Build more confidence through natural eye contact


Memorable Content

Come across as more engaging during video calls


Friendly Impression

Make a positive impression on your conversation partners

Use Cases


Video Conferencing

Show your professional side and improve the quality of your remote meetings

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"We decided to enable NUIA Eye Control for all useful workplaces due to the positive user feedback as well as the added value in terms of efficiency and ergonomics."
Dr. Andreas Hettich
Chairman of Advisory Board - Hettich
Hettich Automotive
"Our employees have confirmed that this has reduced their workload significantly. Additionally, our way of working becomes more ergonomic."
Oliver Lang
CTO - Benteler
"NUIA has significantly eased the daily workload of our customer service agents. The reduced mouse usage has led to an increase in productivity and, thanks to improved ergonomics and easier work, has also increased employee satisfaction."
Robin van Acker
COO DACH - Webhelp
Stefan Balster EON Business Services Cluj-1
"Creating a digital environment, prioritising digital innovation, and fostering a culture of continuous learning is how we want to achieve better results. The solution offered by 4tiitoo fits to our values, and we are happy to use the eye control technology."
Stefan Balster
Managing Director - E.ON Business Services Cluj


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