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Eye Tracking Gets Kickstarted: 4tiitoo Launches The NUIA eyeCharm for Kinect

Munich – March 13, 2013 – 4tiitoo has launched the NUIA® eyeCharm on Kickstarter.com to make the magic of controlling a computer with the eyes available to everybody. Simply clipped onto the Microsoft® Kinect® the eyeCharm enables a computer to „understand“, where the user looks at. 4tiitoo’s NUIA software then takes this information to bring eye tracking functionality to all the existing applications and games on the PC. Both, the NUIA eyeCharm and the NUIA Software Suite including a powerful SDK for eye tracking are made available to backers on the NUIA eyeCharm page at Kickstarter (http://kck.st/WP73rD).

„Eye tracking is one of the most fascinating technologies and will change the way we work with our computers in the future“ says Tore Meyer, CEO and co-founder of 4tiitoo. „I would never want to miss again, that my browser scrolls adjusted to my reading, but the capabilities of NUIA eye tracking go much further. Soon your computer could help you finding the picture you are looking for, before you even have moved your hand. Eye tracking is great and we hope, that the rumors around Samsung’s Galaxy S4 hold true to make eye tracking more available. With the NUIA eyeCharm we contribute by adding an affordable solution for the PC.“

Eye trackers today cost $995 to $20,000 and more. By using the infrared camera of the Kinect, the NUIA eyeCharm can make eye tracking available for $60 as an add-on to the Kinect. The eyeCharm is connected via USB and adds the necessary optics and special infrared illumination to upgrade the Kinect into an eye tracker. Within less than ten minutes the NUIA eyeCharm is ready to go and the user can start to experience the magic of controlling a computer just with his gaze.

For two years, 4tiitoo has been specialized in creating dedicated eye tracking applications as well as extensions to bring eye tracking to existing apps and games. Backers will not only get the eyeCharm hardware, but also the NUIA software package including apps and extensions already created for eye control. The NUIA software package currently supports Microsoft Windows 7/8 and already includes dedicated extensions to gaze-enable applications like Adobe Photoshop, World of Warcraft, the Windows Metro control and browsing with all major browsers as well as the award wining NUIA Imagine photo organizing suite.

„NUIA eyeCharm and the NUIA software are great for the user, but we also wanted to make it easier for developers to bring their visions of natural user interaction to life. Just like the touchscreen did years ago, eye tracking brings a whole new world of opportunities and to create a hit like Angry Birds, we need many talented developers working with the technology. It would be fantastic if this hit was written with the NUIA technology and that is why we created the NUIA SDK.“, says Stephan Odoerfer, CTO and co-founder of 4tiitoo AG.

The NUIA SDK is designed to integrate eye tracking and speech capabilities into applications as well as create dedicated extensions for existing apps with an easy to learn scripting language. Because NUIA also supports the eye trackers of all major vendors, everything developed with the NUIA SDK will be ready for the time when more eye trackers enter the market.

About 4tiitoo

4tiitoo AG creates innovative software solutions to bring a more intuitive and natural user experience to the daily computer interaction. With a focus on the touch user experience 4tiitoo launched a tablet PC in 2010. Since then the company has extended their development to a multi-sensor user experience and provides intuitive software solutions across platforms, sensors and languages. The NUIA Software Suite, offers a high level abstraction layer with an extension model that easily enables all existing applications for the new computing capabilities. For developers the NUIA technology provides a simple way to create applications based on the comprehensive NUIA SDK. www.4tiitoo.com

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