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We are 4tiitoo

In 2013 Tore Meyer and Stephan Odörfer founded 4tiitoo, their second jointly established company. Their vision: to fundamentally change communication with computers via natural interaction: "Smart Workplaces powered by Eye Control".

Today, 4tiitoo is a market leader among enterprise software companies for AI-based solutions for easy eye control of computers. 4tiitoo's products create added value in a wide range of areas, from accounting and procurement to design and software development, back office, support center and shop floor. Companies worldwide, including companies in the financial services, insurance, automotive, engineering, utilities, technology and manufacturing industries use 4tiitoo's software to improve efficiency and ergonomics at their workstations.

Our Mission

Our goal is to take human-computer interaction to a new level for everyone with focus on people – not the computer. As a pioneer in eye control in computer operation, we have created NUIA, a software platform that brings natural and fast interaction to any known program – without any adjustments to the applications themselves. With NUIA you get smarter, healthier and more efficient digital workplaces.



Tore Meyer

Founder and Managing Director

What I do: Together with the team and investors, I make sure that our eye tracking system continues to set standards. What is your goal: That one day NUIA will understand my gaze, gestures and voice as naturally as my friends do. What is special: That with the computer mouse Apple has brought a technology to the market that has defined almost 40 years of computer interaction.


Stephan Odörfer

Founder and Managing Director

What I do: Getting businesses excited about NUIA so that more people can benefit from eye tracking every day. What is your goal: In a few years, look at pictures of computer mice and keyboards and say: "Do you still remember that time...". What is special: That Tore and I thought about what would make computer interaction better over 30 years ago.



Thomas Deutschmann

Thomas is a computer scientist and has more than 30 years experience in the IT industry in Europe and the USA, most recently as CEO of leading international software companies. Today he works as an investor and consultant.


Ingo Griebl

Ingo looks back on 25 years of experience as consultant, manager, serial entrepreneur and corporate VC. Under GRIDIBIZ he is engaged as Angel Investor and Coach for scaling digital business models. Ingo studied Business Administration at WHU, PennState and Solvay Business School.


Christoph Von Einem

Christoph is a lawyer and advises founders and investors of DeepTech companies for more than 30 years. As an attorney and often as an angel investor he helps startups with all questions between founding and IPO.

Award Programs

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