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Interaction at a glance - improve working efficiency and workplace ergonomics

Look with completely new eyes at the workplace of the future. From now on, control all your familiar computer programs completely intuitively with your gaze. NUIA Productivity+ turns your eyes into your new, powerful input tool. No getting used to it, no need for training. Just get started.

Fewer mouse clicks, higher efficiency, better workplace ergonomics, more fun!


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Workplace innovation

NUIA Productivity+ is an innovative software platform based on eye-tracking to increase efficiency and improve ergonomics at workplace. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the self-learning software recognizes individual user behavior after a short period of use, makes increasingly precise predictions and actively supports users in their next steps. This technology, known as "Intention Prediction", opens up a completely new dimension in the interaction with our devices, which is coming ever closer to communication between people.

Your benefits

higher working efficiency

Higher Working Efficiency

NUIA leverages your natural gaze behavior on the computer by using your gaze as a target for the mouse cursor or, in combination with your "magic button," enables you to control your computer entirely without a mouse. This makes interaction through gaze control fast and easy, saving you valuable time every day.

workplace ergonomics

Better Workplace Ergonomics

Less mouse usage thanks to gaze control – this brings noticeable ergonomic advantages. 'Gaze, don't click': NUIA Productivity+ is not only user-friendly, but it also prevents annoying conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Thus, there are sustainable advantages for the employee and the company from the first use on.


Future Workplace

The functions of Productivity+ are available out-of-the-box in all common computer programs, i.e. without changes or adjustments to the view-controlled software. Entire workflows can be optimized or replaced through additional features and functionalities for Office programs, Internet browsers and many popular applications.

The features


Smart Teleport

The cursor jumps over large screen distances to your current viewpoint and thus to the desired button, link or input field – triggered by a minimal push of the mouse.


NUIA Click

Select buttons, links or input fields just with your eye and your "magic key". Your current viewpoint initiates a left or right mouse click, triggered va the keyboard. Unlock even more super powers automated Copy&Paste or Drag&Drop.


Gaze Scrolling

Completely relaxed reading on the screen, because you scroll only with your eyes. NUIA knows where you are reading at what speed and scrolls automatically for you.


NUIA Button

Your inconspicuous helper on the right side of the screen, which only becomes active as soon as you look at it, for quick access to your most frequently used commands in the respective application.


Gaze Pad

The functional extension of the NUIA button for quickly triggering provided shortcuts with a single glance. With the same key combination each time, you can access the most common functions within your current application as well as across applications.


Secure Lock

NUIA locks your computer after an adjustable period of time when you are not working with the computer or looking at the screen, providing an added layer of secruity for your private data.

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What users say about NUIA

"I really liked the fact that I could reduce the pressure on my wrists."
Engineering User
"I like that I have to use the mouse less and less."
Accounting User
"I felt that many of the work steps of everyday life are much faster and more pleasant."
Support Center User