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Improve your remote meetings

NUIA Full Focus is the smart, gaze-driven solution that intuitively helps you to maintain important eye contact with your conversation partners. This way, you come across as professional, convincing and simply more likeable in video calls.


Your benefits


Building Trust

With NUIA Full Focus all you need is a quick glance at the relevant information. and NUIA Full Focus brings it directly under the camera via gaze control. This way you always signal eye contact and attention to your conversation partners and establish trust – completely intuitively and without thinking.


Memorable Content

Studies prove that content is easier to remember if there is also eye contact during communication. This allows you to deliver your content better and more convincingly.


Optimal Posture

An automatic reminder always ensures that you are at the optimal camera angle and maintain sufficient eye contact.

Buy NUIA Full Focus

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Professional appereance in all video calls

NUIA Full Focus is the innovative software for professional remote or video communication of any kind. Whether in sales, for webinars, trainings, application situations or daily meetings with employees: NUIA Full Focus automatically ensures natural eye contact by duplicating the content that is important right now under your camera in no time – in all common video conferencing systems, such as Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Webex, Skype and others.

NUIA Full Focus comes as a bundle of the NUIA software for Windows 10 and an eye tracker for USB 2.0 ports. The solution supports screen sizes up to 30'' and 34'' (widescreen). Your camera for video conferencing and the eye tracker must be on the same monitor.



The features


Call Assist

Gives you feedback on your body language and your gaze behavior during your call.



Reminds the remaining time a few minutes before your call ends.



Set up your presentations and notes for an optimal overview during your call.

Perfect integration with NUIA Productivity+

All users who have already become familiar with the gaze control in their daily work with NUIA Productivity+ will find the use of NUIA Full Focus a pleasant extension of their usual gaze control routine. But instead of working with the mouse, video-based activities on the screen are now also supported by an innovative NUIA application.