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NUIA.AI - The smart workplace for more productive and healthier work

NUIA Productivity+ is revolutioning digital workplaces by adding Eye Control, for enhanced productivity, wellbeing, and work facilitation in the enterprise sector.

On top of this, NUIA.AI now integrates Voice Control and Generative AI to make daily work even more productive, healthier, and enjoyable.

Start realizing the full potential of AI technologies effortlessly and frequently throughout the day, without requiring prior expertise.


Thousands of mouse clicks during daily computer use are not only a significant time drain but also contribute to health issues such as the notorious "mouse hand." This is where NUIA Eye makes a difference. By utilizing innovative eye-tracking technology and gaze-based automation for common tasks like copying and pasting, scrolling, or switching applications, the daily reliance on the mouse is drastically reduced.


Bye Bye Mouse

Simply gaze upon any button, link, or input field and activate it effortlessly with the power of your sight and the magic key. Additionally, as you read, NUIA automatically scrolls for you.


Swiss Knife

The NUIA Click transforms your navigation, offering not just the ability to click where you look but also the seamless execution of copy & paste, precise cursor positioning, and smooth drag & drop actions.


Seamless Integration

Leveraging its generic architecture, NUIA effortlessly integrates with any native, web, or remote application, offering a seamless plug-and-play experience without the need for any custom adjustments.

NUIA Voice

Add voice control capabilities with an unprecedented recognition rate. NUIA Voice currently supports more than 50 languages, from English, French, and German to Japanese, Polish, and Romanian. This allows users to even speak in their native language, and automatically translate the spoken text into any of the supported languages.


It's Magic

Simply look at any input field, start speaking, and the spoken text will appear exactly where you want it.



Output speech either exactly as spoken or already optimized for textual quality and better communication.


Super Fast

Stand, walk, or sit, and still input text via speech four times faster than humans usually type.

NUIA Spark

NUIA Spark presents a groundbreaking GenAI Interface designed to boost the daily adoption of AI technologies. It guarantees seamless integration across all applications without the need for customization, ensuring universal accessibility. The interface utilizes standard Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT-4o, or any in-house LLM, featuring a specialized prompt library tailored for professional use cases.


Adoption, Adoption, Adoption

Do you have an AI solution ready and looking to spark adoption? NUIA Spark seamlessly integrates AI into every interaction.


Welcome Enterprise LLMs

Simply link your in-house enterprise LLM to enjoy unrestricted access to data while maintaining utmost privacy.


Major LLM Support

Don't have an in-house LLM? Discover the power of NUIA Spark, offering seamless integration with top-tier LLMs such as ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude.

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What users say about NUIA

"I find NUIA very intuitive to use and got used to it quickly. It feels like 20 years ahead, like a super power!"
Support Center User
"I always had a strain in my right hand. Since using NUIA this has almost completely gone as I mostly use NUIA Click."
Global Business Services User
"I feel that many daily tasks become significantly quicker and more enjoyable with NUIA."
Support Center User