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4tiitoo awarded with the Startup Innovation Award of the Plug And Play Smart Cities Program

As one of the chosen startups for the Plug And Play Smart Cities Program in Vienna, Austria, we are happy and delighted to have received the Batch 0 Innovation Award on 10th December, 2020 - actually the founding anniversary of 4tiitoo.


One of the key challenges for cities is to handle the increasing traffic, especially during rush hours. One of the solutions to reduce commute traffic and time is to not leave the house and work in home office. However, staying in touch with colleagues, partners and customers is crucial, but today's video conferencing solutions do not fulfil the need to be a equivalent replacement for face-to-face-meetings.

By adding natural eye contact to these video conferences in Teams, Zoom, Webex & Co. 4tiitoo's latest solution Full Focus changes remote meetings for the better and brings users closer together.

With key investors, a board member and also participation in other innovation programs, Vienna belongs to our favorite (smart) cities! Check out the recap of the 2020 Expo Day below.

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