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4tiitoo co-founder Stephan Odörfer interviewed about Full Focus by IT-techBlog

Stephan Odörfer was the guest of this weeks IT-techBlog podcast hosted by Michael Hülskötter to talk about 4tiitoo's latest product NUIA Full Focus and the journey of creating it. 


Interview transcript:

"Stephan Odörfer and I have known each other for quite a while. So it was very fitting for my new project "Startup podcasts for free" that I discovered the announcement of his new "baby" called NUIA Full Focus on LinkedIn.

This is an exciting product that should be right up there with the times of home office and home schooling. That's why I wanted to know from Stephan, among other things, what the idea behind NUIA is, how I can imagine the basic functionality, how artificial intelligence comes into play and a lot more.

Of course, I will be able to examine NUIA in person over the course of the next few days. To be able to share my findings with you here. I'm looking forward to it!"

To listen the full interview, please click here.

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