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4tiitoo presents eye control at the 4th SAP Digital Leadership Roundtable

The SAP Digital Leadership Roundtable is an event initiated by SAP Digital Business Services Germany to exchange views on digitization, innovation and leadership management.

gaze control at the 4th SAP Digital Leadership Roundtable

Together with decision-makers from various business areas and industries, it provides new impetus for exciting discussions to present and discuss success stories on the path to digitization. How can the latest technologies be efficiently integrated into workflows so that artificial intelligence or IoT and cloud platforms can already contribute to business success today?

"It is not always easy for corporations to establish digitization" - as Heiko Schletz from household appliance manufacturer BSH Hausgeräte and CIO Jörg Kohlenz from automotive supplier Leoni report in the AppHaus in Heidelberg.

As part of the "Innovation with AI" event, 4tiitoo was able to demonstrate how business software can be operated by the eyes.

The solution -supported by SAP's Innovation Fund, SAP.iO,- is called NUIA. The abbreviation stands for "Natural User Interaction" for (business) applications. One eye movement to the menu bar of a program is all it takes to open bubbles as possible click options. A glance at one of the bubbles is enough to trigger the associated element. The next step is done without having a mouse in your hand. "Up to 8,000 clicks a day" is what a clerk does every day in the accounting department, for example, says 4tiitoo founder Stephan Odörfer. According to the start-up's analyses, a company with 100 employees saves around one million euros per year with a proven increase in productivity of four to 12 percent. In addition, the longer the system is used, the better it gets. Because through artificial intelligence, it constantly learns new things and adapts to the user.