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4tiitoo selected for SAP Industry 4.0 Startup Program

4tiitoo was selected as one of five startups for the SAP Industry 4.0 Startup Program. A total of 75 startups applied for the Accelerator Programme in Berlin. In workshops lasting six weeks, SAP and the five startups work together to develop solutions to create added value for SAP customers. 4tiitoo benefits from SAP's extensive expertise in order to improve NUIA Productivity+ for SAP users.


Procedure of the program:

• 500 start-ups researched
• 120 start-ups contacted
• 75 applications
• Selection of the 5 most promising startups including 4tiitoo
• 50+ mentors with over 174 mentor sessions
• 125 deep dive sessions
• 10 integration use cases
• Sponsorship by the SAP Executive Board

The program ends with the Demo Day on July 5th in Walldorf.
For more information about the SAP Industry 4.0 startup program, visit https://news.sap.com/2018/06/industry-4-0-startup-program/

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