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4tiitoo launches NUIA Full Focus - a smart software for natural eye contact in video calls


Building trust in video calls – especially during COVID-19

  • Video calls replace countless on-site meetings in the new sales and working world
  • NUIA Full Focus provides natural eye contact in all common video call systems, creating a competitive advantage
  • Ideal for sales, webinars, customer support and everyday team meetings

Munich, October 30, 2020. The Munich-based startup 4tiitoo (forty two), which specializes in gaze control of computers, launches NUIA Full Focus, a software that creates natural eye contact with conversation partners in video calls intelligently and without artificial image adjustments. This creates trust, allows content to be conveyed more convincingly and simply helps the speaker to come across as more engaging.

Over 900 million business trips are expected to be replaced by remote communication this year. In this new working world, the ability to build trust in video calls is a key success factor. This is especially important for sales. Studies show that eye contact is the key to trust. This applies to video-supported communication just as much as to face-to-face meetings. Eye contact in video calls is provided to the conversation partner when the user looks at the monitor area near the camera (the “sweet spot”). Currently, however, a lot of relevant information – often even the image of the other person in the call – is displayed far away from this sweet spot. As a result, many callers seem to look away from the camera and the person they are talking to – even when they are actually concentrating on the video image of the person they are talking to.

With NUIA Full Focus and an Eye Tracker installed, a quick glance at relevant screen content is enough to automatically duplicate it into the sweet spot. The user can then look in the direction of the camera again and signals full attention to the conversation partner through eye contact.

In addition to intuitive eye contact, NUIA Full Focus contains a number of other useful functions: Important commands within the video call software, such as Mute and Hang Up, can be controlled by gaze without this software being actively in the foreground. If you move from the ideal camera angle, Full Focus’s Posture Coach functionality gives a brief warning, helping you optimize your conversational position and showing your attention.

NUIA Full Focus works seamlessly with all video communication solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex or Skype. When used in sales, NUIA Full Focus also integrates with content from SalesForce, Hubspot and other CRM systems. Whether in sales calls, webinars, trainings, job application situations or in daily meetings with colleagues – with NUIA Full Focus you give your business partners the attention they deserve.

4tiitoo co-founder and Managing Director Tore Meyer: “In our own video calls we noticed over and over again that the participants gazed in all possible directions, just not at our eyes. We wanted to do this better, especially in our sales and investor calls, so we started by positioning relevant windows on the screen with the mouse near the camera. That was an improvement, but at the same time distracted us in highly concentrated call situation. After a big investor pitch via video conference, we came up with the idea: Why not solve this more elegantly with our Eye-Control platform? NUIA Full Focus is the result.”

Those who make eye contact will be noticed. This is something Tore Meyer has learned from personal experience: “During our financing round, we got to know all new investors via video call using this technique” – with success. A financing round for 3.1 million euros was signed in mid-October. In view of the continuing interest, a second closing is in preparation.

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About 4tiitoo

4tiitoo GmbH is a market leader in the area of enterprise SaaS companies for AI-based solutions for easy gaze control of computers. The software NUIA Productivity+, used by numerous large companies across various industries, improves efficiency and ergonomics when using standard office software. The new product NUIA Full Focus provides natural eye contact and trust in video conferences – fully automatic and with all video conferencing platforms – optimizing sales and all video communication. 4tiitoo was founded in 2013 by Tore Meyer and Stephan Odörfer.

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