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Great 3-Minute Read About Us - written by Siemens NX Product Marketing

Mar 9, 2020 10:00:00 AM

“How numbers can change the way you use software”

Great 3-Minute Read – this is the second part of the series around 4tiitoo where Siemens Digital Industries Software NX Product Marketing is exploring eye-tracking technology and the way it is making into NX.

Great 3-Minute Read about us - written by Siemens NX Product Marketing

“NUIA has the power to disrupt the factory and office work like we know it and the usage possibilities are endless - Sounds futuristic? Maybe! But it can help solve problems of the present” Vanesa Bloss, NX Product Marketing

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Alican Suleymanoglu

Written by Alican Suleymanoglu